Start your Organic Journey with a Set Box.

Our Farmers Choice Set Boxes include what's best in season from our farmers each week which are perfect if you are busy.

Customisable boxes below are valued at $80-$100 due to seasonal price changes so the value may be slightly higher or lower however you will see the current pricing in your cart.

After you add the products in the Set Box to your cart, you can review the pricing, edit the cart and make changes to suit your needs and add other products that you love.



Farmers Choice Set Boxes are carefully designed by our Head Forager to ensure that you receive a wonderful array of what is best-in-season this week. 

These boxes are perfect if you are short of time or you just like someone else to make good decisions for you.

When the box arrives you can enjoy the ever-changing seasonal delights allowing you the pleasure to style your cooking and food preparation around what's freshest each week. 

Our promise to you is to deliver great value in every box. 

Naturally, the contents of the box will change week to week. On the morning that your order is packed if something is not available as planned, we will substitute it for a similar product that we know you will love.



Mixed Fruit and Veggies Customisable Boxes

($80-$100 Range)  

This box is perfect for a couple or smaller family who loves to include seasonal fresh produce at mealtime. (13-15 Varieties Included)


Veggie Selection Customisable Boxes

($80-$100 Range) 

This Box provides an inspirational selection of the best vegetables coming in from our farmers this week ready for your culinary creations. (13-15 Varieties Included) 


Fruit Selection Customisable Boxes

($80-$100 Range) 

For the Fruitarian, this box provides access to the mouth watering, super sweet fruit that tastes like it was just harvested and ripened perfectly. (10-12 Varieties Included)


Greens Selection Customisable Boxes

($80-$100 Range) 

Now it’s easy to include the freshest greens in your cooking with the Greens Box compiled by our Head Forager. (10-15 Varieties Included)


Pantry Selection Customisable Boxes

($80-$100 Range) 

Gather around all foodies!!! This Pantry Box will always contain the essentials as well as new products that you will fall in love with. (10-15 Varieties Included)


Juicing Selection Customisable Boxes

($80-$100 Range) 

If you are looking to get more goodness into your body through juicing, this Juicing Box contains the perfect mix of fresh produce to support you. (10-12 Varieties Included)




Eating Certified Organic Meat means much more than great taste. It means the opportunity to deliver people a healthier product that's free of hormones, additives and chemicals. Allowing those with food intolerances and allergies to feel good about what they eat. Choosing Organics gives the peace of mind that we are all contributing to reduce our impact on global warming, by making the decision to support traditional farming methods for the benefit of this and future generations of Australians. By raising the awareness of organics we can increase the demand for produce, fair pricing and encourage more farmers to adopt organic farming methods.


Select the Box that suits you and your household or head to the Butcher department above and put together your own selection.






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